With RML, the league administrator is no longer the league's paperwork slave!

Thanks to the marvels of modern website technology, with RML, individual teams can enter all their league information directly to the RML website, instead of funneling it to their league admin. Moreover, RML automatically transforms these data into the finished products necessary to League operations. For example:

RML includes software that maps information from each team's online league registration to the official registration forms of the various national sanctioning bodies. For those leagues that make sanctioning optional, RML automatically filters out teams that did not register for sanctioned play. Your league admin needs only to sign the registration form, enclose payment and mail to the respective sanctioning bodies.

RML's roster function includes similar software to map team roster information to the official roster forms of the various national sanctioning bodies. Since signing deadlines and other roster restrictions can vary among sanctioning bodies, RML maintains a separate team roster for each sanctioning body your league affiliates with. RML includes a set of eligibility controls for each of type of roster. These controls can be used to ensure each roster is in compliance with all roster eligibility restrictions imposed by the applicable sanctioning body e.g., age eligibility, number of players and signing deadlines for adding players. RML enables teams to update their various rosters, including adding new players, right up until the applicable cutoff date. The League Admin can print each team's official final roster from the RML website on the official roster form of the applicable sanctioning body, completely filled in. The league admin needs only to certify the roster and mail it to the respective sanctioning body. How good is that?!

Team and home field availability data are processed by RML's proprietary scheduling function, Schedule Assistant (SA). League admins can use SA to develop a league schedule, customized to the availability data provided by each club and team. SA integrates all scheduling inputs for all selected teams into a color coded table that identifies all possible matches i.e., those dates/times when any two teams are available to play and one or both have an available home field. For a League comprised of teams with highly constrained availability (team or field), SA is extremely useful. ENYTB (an RML client) uses SA to custom schedule approximately 200 teams (approximately 3,000 games). For best results with SA, the most highly constrained teams should be scheduled first. For leagues that employ 3rd party scheduling programs, and want to continue to do so, schedules can be entered to RML one game at a time or, for clients with large leagues, RML, Inc. can build a custom function to import your finished schedule from an electronic output file.

RML enables teams to keep their online schedules current throughout the season. As far as I know, this extremely important league management tool is unique to the industry. Home teams can postpone, reschedule and cancel games online AFTER providing their opponent live notification e.g., by phone. Non-weather postponements and reschedules require agreement by both parties before the change can be entered. Whenever an online schedule change is made, an email is automatically triggered, notifying both parties and the league admin that a schedule change has been made. Every time a schedule change is made, both teams' schedules are updated. Each change is color coded according to type and the game is moved to remain in chronological order.

Field changes (same date/time) are made in a similar manner and they also trigger an automatic email alert to all parties. Both teams' schedules are updated to show the new home field assignment.

RML has a game audit function that enables the league admin to track the history of changes for any game. This is useful in resolving member disputes. In three years using this system, it has never been the cause of a misunderstanding as to when or where a game was to be played. On the other hand, it has probably saved many coaches and families from missing a game or going to a game that had been postponed.

RML includes numerous other functions of value to individual members by making use of various other data/information collected from the membership e.g., group email and various search functions e.g., contact info, scheduling info and availability of other teams for make-up and/or pick-up games.

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