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If you would like to actually log in and interact with the site like a real user would, you can test drive our Demo Site. It has much less data than the real site, but you can interact with as any of the four major user types: an active player already assigned to a team, an active manager/coach already assigned to a team, an active club owner with one or more active teams or an active League administrator (with master access to all RML functionality!).

When you go to the RML demo site, you will be automatically logged in as a team owner. If you want to see how the site would look from a different perspective, click on the Main menu and select "Switch Users". Feel free to try out all the functionality. For more information, check out [Main > Website Help] or [League Info > About]. As a team owner or manager you will have some limited write ability but if you want to see RML's full write capability to add games, teams, fields, field schedules, etc., you should switch to League Admin. The site is reset every day, so the changes won't be permanent. Depending on how long you stay and how deeply you probe, you may not understand everything you encounter (that's what we are here for) but we trust that you will be pleasantly surprised by how much you do understand intuitively.

Further explanation of how multi-lever user access works and how RML controls user access to password protected content is provided below.

Now, you can check out the Demo Site [NO LONGER AVAILABLE].


RML employs a multi-level user access security system i.e., different types of users in your League have different levels of access to password protected content. For example, players from different teams will have access to the same page but the information provided on that page will be applicable to their team only, based on their log-in. (Every league participant has his/her own password.) The same would be true of users logged-in as managers of different teams. Each would see his own roster but would be prevented from seeing another team's roster. Moreover, while a manager has full access to all password protected content for his team, a player from the same team has access to only a portion of his team's password protected content. Managers have menu choices a player doesn't see. Similarly, owners have menu choices a manager doesn't see. Managers have a higher access level than players but lower than owners. League Admins have the highest access level of all. The entire website is available to a Senior League Admin.

RML identifies each user by user type and club/team affiliation through his log-in. Access to all password protected content is limited to the club or team that the user is associated with. Thus, each user sees a different website - with more or less functionality, or different content, or both. It is as though the website was developed from the perspective of each specific user.


(1)Playerhas read-only access to a limited portion of his team's password protected content.
(2)Managerhas full read/write access to all of his team's password protected content.
(3)Coachsame access as manager unless manager limits him to read only access.
(4)Club Ownerhas full read/write access to all password protected content for all his teams as well as full read/write access to additional password protected content for owners.
(5)League Adminhas full read/write access to all password protected content applicable to any team or owner as well as full read/write access to RML's array of league administrative functions.
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