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RunMyLeague Management Software 30 day free trial

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Including 30 Day Free Trial

If your League wants to obtain a website using RunMyLeague's software, or if you are interested in doing so on a risk free trial basis, please fill out the form below and we will activate your League website as soon as possible (usually the same day).

When you sign-up with RunMyLeague your League is given a live website with its own domain name (URL). (There are no software downloads.) Once RML activates your website, your League Administrator (named below - you can have as many as you want) will receive an instant email with his password and user ID. His log-in will give him full access privileges to every function on the site, from defining the color of the pages, to changing scores in a disputed game. (See RML Demo Site page for a brief explanation of access privileges under RML's multi-user access security system.)

RML staff are available as needed to help your League admin get your RML website up and running.

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Quick Overview Of How It All Works

Step 1 Configuration

[Admin > Site Set-Up]

Configure your RML website to match the internal structure of your League and then give it the look you want. The macro settings can be quickly entered e.g., sanctioning bodies, age divisions and levels of play. You need to define your program (sanctioning, tournaments, etc.) and prices but this can be done at a later time. Registrations has various micro level settings that need to be set once the program elements have been defined. Each sanctioning body needs a few micro settings applicable to rosters. That too can be done at a later time.

Step 2 Activation

[Admin > Activation].

You can begin signing up members who wish to register their teams in your league.

As each club owner sign-ups, he is given his own personal log-in codes, including a user ID (his email address) and a personal password (randomly generated or entered). IMPORTANT: Owners must go through the League Admin to be activated and to activate their teams and team managers. As teams are activated, their team names will appear on the website [see Inside The League > Teams], classified by age and competition level. The website also creates an "owner home" for each owner [Main > Owner Home] which provides them with a personalized view of various information pertaining to each of their teams and home fields. Owner home also uploads a club's logo and business card with a link to their club website.

Managers activate their coaches and players by simply adding them to the website:

[Required Info > Coaches] and [Required Info > Rosters].

As each team member is activated he will receive an instant email welcoming him to your League, informing him of his League status and providing him with his log-in codes. These log-in codes give each league participant access to the appropriate password protected content on the website, including his own "team home" [Main > Team Home] which provides him with a personalized window to all the League action involving his team. Once the season begins, RML runs itself (the League) entirely on member input entered from "Team Home". Teams enter game information, keep their rosters and schedule current and view all standings involving their teams from this space. As the regular season winds down and the pennant races are being decided, members really enjoy watching the daily action from this specialized area of the website.

At this point, the website is fully configured and populated and all log-in codes have been issued.

Teams are free to familiarize themselves with the website and when they are ready, begin entering the information necessary to their league participation. (Team insurance forms can be printed from the website for each sanctioning body.) When each team has entered all its required information the League admin has everything he needs to register the League with the national sanctioning bodies. He then uses the website to print out all official national registration and roster forms required by the national sanctioning bodies, completely filled in. All that's left for him to do is to create divisions, assign teams to divisions and schedule games. RML has specialized functions for each of these tasks.

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