RunMyLeague Fees


Keep in mind that RML includes a super fund-raising feature that can more than cover the cost of an RML subscription: an easy-to-use tool for uploading and managing various types of graphic and text advertisements on your RML League website. As an RML client you retain ALL revenues generated by your sale of advertising space.*

With RML your website can include:

  • Text ads linked to an advertiser's website
  • Banner ads linked to an advertiser's website
  • For major sponsor(s), a splash page (full page ad at the front of your website).
* RML reserves the right to add up to six advertisements per client site.

Annual Subscription Fee: $30/team with a minimum charge of $750/league.

NOTE: Leagues pay the greater amount of $750/league or $30/team. Initial payment (50%) is due within 30 days of beginning date of subscription. Remainder is due by June 1st each year.

All RML clients are entitled to the following services and products:


RML will provide your league administrator (single contact) with UNLIMITED technical support during your first year's subscription.

RML will provide your league administrator (single contact) with ONGOING technical support after year 1 - three hours phone time/year (single league admin contact) - at NO charge.

Clients that want to continue receiving unlimited technical support from RML after the first year can do so for an additional fee of $300/year (single league admin contact).

Technical support is available year-round, except for holidays, including days and evenings, by phone or email.


RML will make ALL minor software extensions/modifications necessary to fully and accurately represent a new client's League's structure and operations at NO additional charge.

In large client applications (50 teams or more), RML will make any software modifications necessary to fully and accurately represent a client's league structure and operations, regardless of complexity, provided the client purchases a three year RML subscription.

Alternatively, RML will develop large customized extensions for clients on a time and materials basis, regardless of client size.


New development is an ongoing process.

RML will make available to all clients at NO additional charge ANY future software upgrades developed on behalf of any RML client.


None. Annual fee is inclusive of ALL website hosting and database management fees.


All subscriptions shall conform to a Jan 1 - Dec 31 calendar year and shall expire on the final day of the last calendar year that the subscription was taken for;

RML is currently set-up to maintain and operate both a summer and fall season in the same calendar year. All RML clients have full use of the software for both seasons.

To ensure continuous website presence, subscriptions that expire in the current year should be renewed before Dec 31.

Please Direct All Inquires re: RML Sales and Service to

Ed Frye at (518) 356-9089 or

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