Does the following passage describe your league?

Traditionally, leagues direct their members to funnel all the above listed data to a league administrator. This creates a significant bottleneck as one person often collects this information by phone or on paper from each individual team. Once the data is collected, usually as scraps of paper stored in a shoe box, the league admin has to make sense of the collected information and compile it into organized lists and distribute those lists back to the individual teams through mail or email. Even then his job is far from done. Next, he must copy much of the same information to the required official registration and roster forms of the various national sanctioning bodies that his league is affiliated with. Then, from other scraps of paper kept in a 2nd shoe box, he must prepare a League schedule, customized to when teams and home fields are available. When the schedule is finally completed and mailed out to all teams, the season is about to begin and he needs to begin a 3rd shoe box, for collecting game results. From this shoe box he produces periodic standings, which, of course, are never up to date. If his league maintains multiple standings, the problem is only greater. Every league admin must also keep all rosters current throughout the season. The rosters you collect before the season will be different than the final ones you file with your national sanctioning bodies, which means yet another shoe box. Of course the league schedule changes almost daily due to weather related postponements and other factors - somebody has got to keep a record all those changes - another shoe box. Sound familiar? Like the movie "Ground Hog Day", this process repeats itself anew each year in thousands of youth sports leagues across the country and around the globe. Is this clerical drudgery not enough to discourage any sane person from ever volunteering his time to help with league administration?

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