What is RML and what will it do for your League?

In simplest terms, RML is a complete website solution that provides a baseball league everything it needs to manage itself, centralized in one place. The key phrase here is "to manage itself". RML will significantly reduce the time and effort required to administer your League by changing how information (data) is collected from members, and by automating many of the clerical tasks associated with these data. Your RML website will quickly become the focal point of your league. All league participants - club owners, team managers and coaches, players and parents - use the website to give you the information you need from them. This continues from registration through the last game of the season and beyond. In turn, RML is the primary source of league information for league participants and provides them with a 24x7 personalized window through which they can view all league activity as it happens, from beginning to end. In short, RML will profoundly change both the way your league operates and the way others view it.

With RML, no longer will you have to deal with phone calls and paper forms to collect the hundreds - or thousands of pieces of information you need to run your league. RML electronically captures all member data:

(i) names and contact info for all team managers, coaches and other contacts;
(ii) programmatic choices made by each team;
(iii) team rosters - with automated controls to ensure compliance will all applicable national and local eligibility requirements - printed on official forms with all information filled in; and,
(iv) team and field scheduling info for customized scheduling (optional).

RML also enables teams to keep their league participation current throughout the course of the season e.g., scores, schedule changes, roster changes, player stats, etc. This information is immediately available to the entire league via the website. With RML, there is no excuse for anyone not knowing what is happening inside their league. Great for viewing exciting pennant races and even scouting upcoming opponents.

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