What's left for the league administrator to do?

RML greatly reduces the workload of the League admin but it doesn't eliminate it altogether. In addition to activating club owners and teams, League admins also must set up their League's program offerings in RML's team registration function, including all tournament info, prices and other program characteristics (discussed below). Once registration closes (and all team registration choices are known), and before scheduling can begin, the league admin must create divisions or "standings". League admins assign tournament berths to divisions and teams to divisions as well as the divisional must play requirement i.e., the number of times that each team must play each of the other teams in that division. RML includes easy to use software for this purpose. There is no limit to the number of divisions nor on the number of divisions a team can be assigned to. (SA uses this info to determine each team's "must play" opponents as well as the overall number of times any two teams must play each other in order to satisfy all of their must play requirements. Teams can be scheduled to play each other in excess of the required minimum but those "extra" games would not count in the standings. Teams can be scheduled to play non-divisional opponents as well. At this point, it's time to prepare the league schedule. Notice that RML limits the tasks of the league admin to a few league functions only.

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