RML gives your league participants and the public, links to a wide variety of reference material pertaining to your League.

Every RML web-site includes several menus intended for viewing by the public. League publicity and visibility is very valuable to Leagues competing for teams, players and/or funds. The public portion of your RML web-site is an excellent tool for attracting new members as it enables interested outsiders to obtain information about your League. These public pages include: News, History, Governance, Rules, FAQ and About (a tutorial re: the operations of your league) as well as currently registered teams and links to their web-sites. Additional sections in the public portion of your RML website enable your local newspapers and others to follow the action in your League on their own. These sections include: Upcoming Games, Driving Directions, Game Results, Player Stats and League Leaders, Team Standings etc. RML also includes a Game Report function that allows each team in your League to easily prepare customized game reports and with a single click, email those reports to multiple local newspapers. The game report function is integrated with the scoring and player stats functions so that each game report is pre-loaded with the game information already provided.

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