What if your League has multiple affiliations?

See also: RML's Registration Manager

[Admin > Set-Up] enables you to customize RML to your League, including sanctioning options. You will be asked to indicate which sanctioning bodies your League currently affiliates with. RML is currently set up to include affiliations for three of the popular national sanctioning bodies: NABF, AABC and PONY. RML will add additional sanctioning bodies at no charge as they are required by new clients.

As mentioned above, RML maintains a separate roster and set of player eligibility controls for each sanctioning body selected. It also includes all the necessary registration, roster and insurance forms for each selected sanctioning body. RML eliminates one of the more onerous administrative tasks of sanctioned leagues altogether - filling out the official registration and roster forms required by the various national sanctioning bodies. The more sanctioning bodies a league affiliates with, the more onerous the task. RML maintains an updated library of these forms and automatically maps the registration and roster information entered by each team to these forms. The League admin can print the official League/team registration form for each sanctioning body, already completely filled in, directly from the RML website. The same for the official roster forms. Teams have the same capability as well.

Some leagues with multiple affiliations bundle them all together and offer them to their teams as a single package for a single fee, take it or leave it. Other leagues may have a fully ala carte registration menu, where each sanctioning choice optional. Still others may prefer a mix, where one sanctioning may be mandatory and others are optional. In addition, some leagues charge additional fees for sanctioned tournament eligibility, separate from the sanctioning fee, to recoup the costs of hosting sanctioned tournaments (teams are required to pay both to be eligible). RML's registration function has the capability to represent all of the above fee structures and to do all the work for you.

Since the administrative complexity greatly increases with each of these approaches, leagues without RML, often opt for the single fee registration bundle or package. The latter approach can discourage some teams from joining as nobody wants to pay for things they are not interested in. With RML, your league can vary its fee structure to include any a mix of mandatory and ala carte fees. This will keep your league price competitive and your membership will greatly appreciate it and remain loyal.

RML even goes a step further and allows leagues to vary all registration parameters by age level and level of competition. For example, you can make a particular sanctioning mandatory in some age divisions and optional or maybe not available at all in other age divisions. You can also do the same across competition levels within an age division. For example, you may want to make AABC or PONY sanctioning mandatory for gold and silver level teams (that tend to be more tournament oriented) but optional or not available for bronze level teams. Again, this helps keep your league program price competitive.

Your League Admin needs to define each "program" that is available in your League, including its price and applicability. Applicability includes who (age divisions and levels of play) gets offered the program and whether it is a mandatory or optional program. From this information, RML automatically produces a fully customized registration page for each team i.e., only those programs that the team is eligible for, based on its age and other league designated eligibility criteria, appear on its registration page. Price can vary by age divisions and/or levels of play as well. Once a team has made its selections, RML produces an itemized invoice as well as a record of payment (receipt) for that team. The [Main > Owner Home > Team Info] summarizes the owner's bill for all of his teams as well as all applicable owner discounts. For each eligible sanctioned tournaments listed on the team registration form, the entire National Championship Tournament Series is shown i.e., entry level through to the world series. Because of this, part of the registration set-up each year includes updating the list of sanctioned tournaments for each sanctioning body.

League sponsored tournaments are also included on each team's registration page. They too can be offered as optional or mandatory and with or without fee, and must be updated during registration set-up each year . Again, RML provides an easy to use interface to add/edit all sanctioned and unsanctioned tournaments.

Other league fees not related to sanctioning choices or tournaments are also included on the registration page. These fees also can be varied by age group and competition level and can be mandatory or optional.

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