Why is RML better than other League Admin programs?

Prior to embarking on this effort and since, I reviewed the numerous commercial league management solutions available in the marketplace and I can only say that had there been a comprehensive and integrated league management solution that adequately represented my league's structure and operations, provided the functionality I desired, was user friendly to an audience that includes many website neophytes and enabled users to enter all information necessary to their league participation, then I would have gladly subscribed to it. Canned programs offered free in exchange for carrying their ads may be OK for team web-sites but they are generally woefully limited, difficult to understand and inflexible, when it comes to simulating the administration and operation of even the simplest travel leagues.

More recently, professional software developers (who are not experienced in the administration of youth baseball leagues) have gotten into the game. Their products lack the feel of ever having been to an actual baseball league board meeting. Their products are often highly detailed but nonetheless seem to miss the mark, are not intuitive at all, offer league participants very little beyond the real basics, and are no fun to work with. Many have a techy spreadsheet-like feel and scare me away.

I can confidently say that there is no product on the market that I am aware of that offers anything close to RML in terms of its intuitive approach towards the real world operation of youth baseball leagues, its flexibility in being able to represent the structure and operations of most leagues as well as the rich and varied functionality it offers to ALL league participants.

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